About Us

In-depth Consultancy Services (Human Resource) License No. I-49255 is one of the leading manpower supply services company. It was established in 2005. We are located in Shirpoor, Street No 10,Lane#6, Kabul, Afghanistan.


Our vision is to produce the best of service and quality of trained manpower for the excellent of labor provision. We are providing qualified, skilled workers in different countries like the Philippines, Nepal, India and other individual Professionals, who are perfect in their fields and proficient in language and built in character to compete enough to send into international market to help in developing and upgrading the performance amongst their employers.


In-depth Consultancy Services believes in excellence and associated in terms of quality and performance, that makes us assure the good level, high quality performance in the field in sending manpower to all parts of the world.


In-depth Consultancy Services started June 2005, were the primary purpose is to provide highly qualified manpower, coming from different foreign countries which has the remarkable experience and achievement in different field, for these years, our company is fully inspire to strive even more harder and look ahead because we believe in talents, skills and total dedication of each individual workers


In-depth Consultancy Services is one of the leading manpower suppliers in Afghanistan & have already supplied more than 2500 workers to many Companies in Afghanistan.


We are supplying Local & International workers for the various categories.


We are specializing in supplying:


1. Gurkhas Unarmed Guards: We are supplying Gurkhas unarmed security guards. All the Gurkhas are Ex-Army background. Presently we have Ex-Indian Army & Ex-Nepal Army Gurkhas. All are English speaking & good physics. We have Static/PSD Guards/MST guard etc.


2. Construction workers: We have all skilled, semi skilled & general labors. We have all kinds of Engineers, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil & Road construction engineers.


3. Hotel & catering workers: We have International Cooks, waiters, Kitchen Helpers, Bar Tenders etc.


4. Ware House man: We are supplying Ware house man, Pickers, Fork Lift Operator etc.


5. Admin & Finance: We are supplying Admin & Finance staff according to demand.


6. Other Category: We are supplying Heavy Drivers, Machine Operators, Pet Operator and Mechanics etc.


We are bringing workers from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka & Philippines. All the workers are available in Kabul only. Smart in Action believes in excellent and associated in terms of quality and performance that makes us assure that good level, high quality performance in the field in sending manpower to all parts of the world. Smart in Action was started on June 2005 and now it is only one leading manpower supplier in whole Afghanistan.