Our Clients

Past Performances

In-depth Consultancy Services has been operating in Afghanistan for the past 5 years and in that time the company has provided services to the following clients:


1.SSS International: Supplied Gurkhas Static/PSD/Drivers/ Escort Guards for various project in Afghanistan.
2. Global Strategies Group: Supplied Gurkhas Static/Shooters/Escorts Guards for Iraq & Afghanistan.
3. Compass Security: Supplied Gurkhas Static Guards, Store Keeper, and Admin staff for Afghanistan.
4. No Lemon Workshop: Supplied Gurkhas PSD/Static Guards, Admin Staff for Kandahar & Kabul.
5. WRA: Supplied PSD Guards & Drivers.
6. DHL Express: Supplied Drivers/Static Guards for Bagram Air Base.
7. Supreme Global Solution: Supplying International Cook, Waiters, and Drivers & Pickers, Ware Houseman, Cleaners, Fuel Ops/Drivers, Technicians etc.
8. RA International: International Cooks.
9. FEMJV Construction company: Supplied Gurkhas guards, Plumber for US Embassy.
10. Roshan Telecommunications: Supplying Local Staff.
11. Afghan Beverage Industries: SuppliedInternational Cook/Local staff.
12. Canine Associates International: Supplied Gurkhas Dog Handlers.
13. Haro Construction Company: Supplying labours, Electricians, Masons, and Plumbers etc.
14. Zurmat Construction Company: Supplied admin staff & Engineers.
15. Fuji General Co Ltd.: Supplied Security Coordinator & Local Guards for Kandahar.
16. Saladin Security Company: Provided Gurkhas Security with food & accommodation, visa assistance.
17. Blue Hackle Security Company:Provided Gurkhas PSD Guards for Kandahar.
18. Armor Security Company:Providing Gurkhas Guards, Cooks, Admin etc.
19. Heetal Plaza Hotel:Supplied Service staff & waiter.
20. G4s :Providing Gurkhas Gurards,Cooks,Admin etc