Our Services

Our Services

We are specializing in supplying:


1. Gurkhas Unarmed Guards: We are supplying Gurkhas unarmed security guards. All the Gurkhas are Ex-Army background. Presently we have Ex-Indian Army & Ex-Nepal Army Gurkhas. All are English speaking & good physics. We have Static/PSD Guards/MST guard etc.

2. Construction workers: We have all skilled, semi skilled & general labors. We have all kinds of Engineers, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil & Road construction engineers.

3. Hotel & catering workers: We have International Cooks, waiters, Kitchen Helpers, Bar Tenders etc.

4. Ware House man: We are supplying Ware house man, Pickers, Fork Lift Operator etc.

5. Admin & Finance: We are supplying Admin & Finance staff according to demand.

6. Other Category: We are supplying Heavy Drivers, Machine Operators, Pet Operator and Mechanics etc.



 All Candidates are security screened and background checked. Perspective applicants are also assessed on their demeanor, attitude and expression.



Selection Criteria

 The following criteria for training and employment standard:


  •  18 to 45.  Exceptions beyond the age of 45 may be made depending upon employment requirements and client expectations.


  • Men are accepted.


  • Potential employees will be in good health and free of communicable diseases.


  • Potential employees will be in good physical condition allowing for the duties assigned.


  •  All our candidates are at least High School Graduate; they can speak and write English.


  •   We are supplying workers for UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Hong Kong, & Malaysia.




 We Supply Workers with the following Facility


  • We provide workers with valid Afghan visa.

Police Clearance Report

  • We provide Police Clearance Report for all the workers.

Medical Report

  • All the workers are medically fit & carried Medical report.

Army Discharge Book

  • All the Gurkhas Guards have their Army Discharge Book & can present during interview.